Technical Writing Services

Does your written material give you the competitive edge you need?

Do your documents truly reinforce your credibility?

Do your technical products, services and research get the written support they require to accomplish your objectives?

You know that a critical component of your success is how well you present your technical and scientific knowledge to your audience.

But did you know that technical writing is much more than merely stating the facts, the data, the raw information or the research results? In fact, to effectively communicate what you know to someone else, you need superb logical organization, a lively yet appropriate style, flawless command of the language and a good sense of story. You also need to know how to make the document useful and valuable to your audience.

I will work with you in face-to-face interviews and from your notes or other company sources to transform your ideas and information into accessible, usable knowledge. You need technical material that is well organized, logical, clear, accurate, consistent, complete and interesting — and I have the background, skills and know-how to create what you need. From comprehensive, strategic thinking to the smallest points of grammar and punctuation, I can deliver documents that set you apart from the crowd.

Contact me for documentation, training materials, tutorials, online help creation, web writing, scripts, blogs, presentations, ghostwriting, copy for print and digital media, manuals, user and operations guides, white papers and … all of your technical publications.

You have great ideas and products, but to take flight and soar they need the right words and presentation. Contact me today to help give your audience the ultimate user experience.

How can I help you today?  Contact Elizabeth at: lexbiz@att.net

Elizabeth Lexleigh      LexPower    The Write Ideas


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