Information Visualization: How Can It Improve Your Publications?

Automated, Intelligent Broadcast Video Content Analysis

Automated, Intelligent Broadcast Video Content Analysis

News visualization topics are arranged according to “interestingness” for a given time period. Hottest topics (those most reported) appear in the central column. Side columns are used for topics of lesser impact by the interestingness measure. (Click for credits and source.)


Image credit and source: VAC news; VAC Views Feb 2007 op nvac.pnl.gov. p.9.

Image location: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:News_visualization.jpg

In the automated VAC system, a multi-modal data analysis is applied to concurrent visual signals, auditory signals, and, when available, closed caption text. The analysis is general and unstructured; it can be applied, for example, to broadcast video in any language. We have applied the analysis to automatically identify and segment news broadcasts. However, the methods can be applied to identify and segment other broadcast types as well.

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