Business Blogs: Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs One

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Promote Communication via a Business Blog

Are you engaging your prospects and customers in conversation? A business blog helps build relationships through conversations that your audiences can relate to.

Are you leaving business on the table because your company is blog-less?

If you are doing business and don’t have a blog, you are missing out on a powerful tool that can serve as a useful connection and communication point for your prospects, customers, suppliers and staff.

Think of a business blog as a multi-functional hub: Users can access it at any time. You can update it quickly. And it benefits your audiences and your company by enabling you to …

  • Share expertise, opinions, thoughts, tips and ideas about your company’s products and services as they relate to your customers’ experiences and needs.
  • Ask for and get customer feedback (which you can use in marketing research and customer support).
  • Build an interactive relationship community with customers, prospects, suppliers, your staff and members of your industry, as well as your investors, partners and board of directors.
  • Tell your story, so someone else (like your competition) doesn’t write it for you.
  • Manage change, so you can direct your company toward the future you want it to have.
  • Give your company a face and a voice in your customers’ mind.
  • Enhance your customers’ experience with your products and services.
  • Maintain an active, informal (and low-key) marketing and branding presence to reinforce your other marketing and sales efforts.
  • Establish blog subscription lists and RSS feed lists to develop customer databases.
  • Quantify blog traffic, including down to the level of how many hits each post gets. Depending on the hosting site, your blog statistics may also track referrers, the search terms used to find your blog, top posts and pages, and through-clicks. These and other stats can provide an informational goldmine for various departments in your company.

Before you dive into the world of corporate blogging, you might find it helpful to take a look at what some other companies are doing. Check out iBlogBusiness, Forbes’ roundup of the best of the small-business blogs, and the Sunday Times 50 best business blogs for a sampling of looks, concepts and approaches.

Ask yourself this: Can my company really afford to remain blog-less any longer, if we’re serious about growing our business and making money?

Now let’s talk: Does your company have a blog? How does it benefit you? Have you found any drawbacks to having a business blog? Please share your thoughts by leaving comments – thanks! Elizabeth Lexleigh    LexPower    The Write Ideas


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