Promote Your Business Through a Ghostwriter

Posted on: October 29, 2010

Promote Your Business Through a Ghostwriter

Hello-o-o-o … In the spirit of the season, it’s your favorite ghostwriter wishing you a witchy and scary Halloween!

Did you know that many books written today are actually ghosted? From well-known celebrities and athletes to political figures, corporate executives, CEOs and other exceptional people, those with something to say rely on ghostwriters to help them put their story on paper.

Business leaders have discovered that nothing beats a book for:

  • publicity
  • back-of-the-room sales when they give presentations
  • media relations
  • cementing their status as a leader in their industry
  • personal prestige
  • credibility as an expert in their field

A book can provide that sought-after competitive edge for your company and polish your image.

How many times have you wanted a corporate history? … a biography of the company president? … a sleek volume of your favorite management tips? … a book that would help your company develop a relationship with its customers?

When many executives and entrepreneurs reach a certain stage of life or accomplishment, they want to share their expertise or their philosophy of business. Company founders and business owners often want to relate their experiences in establishing and growing a successful enterprise.

Given the importance of having a book on your list of accomplishments, your next step is to get a ghostwriter to help you make it a reality.

Have you ever worked with a ghostwriter?  Elizabeth Lexleigh  LexPower  The Write Ideas


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