Writers Solve Problems

Posted on: June 27, 2010

Do you need to learn how to use a software feature? Have a question about your taxes? Interested in keeping up with the local news? Are you a life-long learner with a passion for expanding your knowledge in one or more subject areas? Are you trying to change careers and need to acquire certification in a technical field?

Day in, day out, we all need or want to know more about certain subjects. Our “need to know” is never-ending.

It is in this sense, then, that all of us have a “problem”: we need some type of information, and we must go about finding it. How do we resolve our dilemma?

We turn to writers, who supply the solutions we need.

You see, there would be no point in writing if there were no readers who needed to know something. Every piece of writing, from newspapers and magazines to fiction and nonfiction of all genres to technical documentation and beyond, seeks to satisfy someone’s need or desire to know.

The writer’s job is to recognize a specific audience’s problems (what do my readers want to know), define the problems in a way that makes sense for that audience (why do my readers want to know), respond in a way that will interest that audience, and communicate the right information.

If the writer is successful in that effort, readers will get what they need.

Good writers know that all writing is problem-oriented, in the sense that the “need to know” reflects the existence of a problem.

So, writers, let us thank our readers, for without the problem of their thirst for information, we would have no reason to write.

As readers, let us all thank the writers who have answered our questions, filled in our knowledge blanks, satisfied our curiosity, and given us so many hours of reading pleasure.

What sort of writing has helped you?  Elizabeth Lexleigh  LexPower  The Write Ideas


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