How to Enhance the Eye Appeal of a Layout

Posted on: June 3, 2010

When you write sales and marketing copy, remember that the layout will affect the readability and eye appeal of your words.

Will your text appear online or in print? If you are responsible for the layout as well as the copy, you’ll want to experiment with graphics, colors and typeface. Consider also that you may need more than one layout if your copy will appear in more than one medium. If you are working with a graphics designer, review at least one draft of the piece to be sure the layout is clean, easy to read and eye-catching.

Does the layout draw readers into the copy? Is it inviting? Are there enough (but not too many) subheads to break the information into logical chunks? Does the use of typeface encourage readers to notice the most important information first? Does the layout move the reader along from the headlines through the copy to the contact information and take-action statements? Do photos or drawings convey what you intend to communicate about the product or service? Do captions make sense in the context of the piece?

Here are some tips for enhancing the eye appeal of your copy:

  • Use large, bold type for the headline.
  • Use one, dominant visual image. Keep visuals fairly simple and easily understandable by your audience.
  • Place body copy below the headline and the primary visual.
  • Use a clean, readable typeface for body copy. Generally, a dark typeface on a light background works best.
  • Use subheads to break information into logical chunks, which will help lead the eye through the text.
  • Leave enough space between paragraphs so the page appears clean and uncluttered.
  • Remember that short paragraphs are easier to read than long ones.
  • Keep the lead paragraph very short; three lines (or fewer) are optimal to drive your point home.
  • Remember that a simple, clean layout is usually the most effective way to communicate your message.

A good layout should grab readers’ attention and make your copy sparkle. It’s the “secret sauce” that can add the right touch of magic.

How well are your company’s sales and marketing communications working?  What layout tips would you recommend?  Elizabeth Lexleigh  lexpower  The Write Ideas


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