5 Keys to Writing Winning Marketing Copy

Posted on: March 15, 2010

How do you persuade a potential customer to buy your product or service? Every business has to figure out how to “make the sale” in order to remain viable and grow. One important avenue to achieving that goal is to write copy that sells.

When you write marketing and advertising copy, remember that your audience really only cares about what your product can do for them. Sure, you have to describe features and functions. But you have to translate those into benefits and write from a customer-centric perspective.

When people read your stuff, make sure they see reasons to buy that motivate them. The main question hovering in their minds is what’s in it for me?

So what is the secret to writing copy that motivates someone to buy your product?

Key #1: Grab Brainspace. To do this, your headline and visual have to shine. How? Spotlight the core benefit the product or service offers your target audience. Open with your strongest “go for the gut” appeal.

Key #2: Establish the Need. The headline does double duty by also showing your audience why they need your product. If, for example, you are selling a weight-loss product, your headline might read: “Would You Pay $300 to Lose 30 Pounds?”

Key #3: Satisfy That Need. It’s your job to show your readers how your product can satisfy the need established in the headline and visual (not theirs to figure out). So, in the body copy, tell the story of how your product will make someone’s life easier, happier, healthier, richer – whatever the headline promises. Don’t be vague; be specific. Use facts and numbers.

Key #4: Prove It! You must persuade people to make a trade: to give you their money and get your product in return. But why should they choose your product or service over someone else’s? Why is yours better? To prove your product’s superiority, you could show a features/benefits list, for example, or use testimonials from current or past customers. You might compare the benefits of your product against those of your competitors. Do you have any third-party analyses ranking your product as the best? Use them! What other “proof” examples can you think of?

Key #5: Ask the Reader to Buy. At the end of your copy, ask your readers to buy the product. For example, “clip this coupon and bring it to the store,” or “call for your free sample and a brochure.” And make it easy for them to take action by including all contact information, hours of operation, and anything else that will help them do business with your company. And don’t forget: a little incentive can work wonders, too, so go ahead and offer a manager’s special, or a discount coupon or other time-limited motivator.

Do these keys work for you when you write marketing copy? What other approaches have you found to be effective?  Elizabeth Lexleigh   The Write Ideas   lexpower


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