Where Is the Action?

Posted on: November 30, 2009

When you write, think of your document as a movie. This means active, not passive, writing. Focus on moving your readers from subject to subject, section to section, paragraph to paragraph by using action verbs.

Action verbs help create strong mental images and impart a sense of moving toward an objective. Creating a stronger story line in this way helps to communicate key issues more easily to your audience.

As you move your readers along through the document you are writing, remember that they will expect resolution or “closure” at the end. This means that you must present results or draw a conclusion, for example. It is not enough just to see what is happening; your readers will also want to know why, learn the consequences, and maybe even find out what happens next.

Use action verbs to make your writing more powerful. And remember that the action has to build to a satisfying ending.  Elizabeth Lexleigh  The Write Ideas


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