LexTips: Make It Interesting

Posted on: August 16, 2009

Develop the “story” of your document to keep readers interested:

  • Follow your outline (so you stay on subject and your writing doesn’t wander around).
  • Use the principles of good writing style (some of which are presented in this blog).
  • Use comparisons to communicate new or difficult-to-grasp ideas or products.
  • Use “image” words to create pictures in the mind.

Many new products are based on complex technologies where parts, features, components, processes or operations are beyond the range of human perception. Each day, we are asked to understand and use things beyond the range of our own ears, eyes or hands.

To keep your document interesting, you must connect what cannnot be heard, seen or touched to what can. Use comparisons and create word images that show relation to the human scale of perception.


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